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(08)9248 8145
(08) 9248 8145

A1 Ceilings & Walls are the professional Gyprock ceiling experts in Perth. With over 15 years’ experience, you can trust the team at A1 Ceilings & Walls to provide quality Gyprock ceiling installations and maintenance for your domestic or commercial property.

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Gyprock Ceilings Perth

Your Team of Perth Gyprock Experts

The team at A1 Ceilings & Walls are available for Gyprock installation and repairs across the Perth metropolitan area. Whether you are looking for a Gyprock ceiling for your new home or renovation project, or if you require repairs to your Gyprock ceiling, our team is here to assist you.

Gyprock Installation Perth

Gyprock has been Australia’s most popular brand of gypsum-based plasterboard for over 50 years. Gyprock is a great choice for Australian homes, as it requires less labour, is less expensive and is faster to install than other ceiling alternatives. It is flexible too. Gyprock can be installed on a range of different surfaces including timber framing, masonry and even some metals. Gyprock can be easily cut and customised to size to meet your requirements, making it the most flexible and inexpensive material for your ceiling. Gyprock also exceeds Australian standards on build quality and durability, making it a great option for your next project.

When it comes to Gyprock installation, you need a professional team that you can trust. At A1 Ceilings & Walls, we have an experienced team ready to take on any Gyprock installation, no matter how simple or complex the job may be.  Get in touch with our Perth experts today to address your Gyprock installation needs!

Gyprock Repairs Perth

Even though Gyprock is a durable material, there can be times where both internal and external factors can cause damage to your ceiling causing leaks and other problems to the structural integrity of your home. Common causes for Gyprock damage include poor craftsmanship upon installation, water damage during storms, structural cracks, termites and more. Although these causes are beyond our control, it is important to attend to any damage from these external causes as soon as possible to avoid any lasting damage.

In the event that your ceiling does get damaged, you want to turn to A1 Ceilings & Walls. As one of the leading ceiling fixing companies in Perth, we have built our reputation on our high-quality Gyprock ceiling repairs and comprehensive customer service. Whether you need a full ceiling repair or a basic touch-up to your Gyprock Ceiling, A1 Ceilings & Walls is here to help.

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Our team at A1 Ceilings & Walls are able to install Gyprock ceilings or repair ceilings that have suffered water damage or general wear and tear. For more information about the costs of our Gyprock ceiling services in Perth, contact us today for an obligation-free quote on (08) 6117 2793.