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Turn your ceiling into a centerpiece. An A1 Ceilings & Walls rose will bring character and charm to any home or building. 

  • We offer both ceiling rose repairs and installations.
  • Haven’t found a ceiling rose you like yet? Ask one of our ceiling experts for help.
  • We’ll assess your home or office and recommend a style that compliments both the décor and heritage.
  • During our 15 years of operation, we’ve built up a network of reputable and trusted ceiling rose suppliers.

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Ceiling Roses

Our experts at A1 Ceilings & Walls are the team you can trust when it comes to installing and repairing ceiling roses for your Perth home of business. A ceiling rose is a type of ornamental moulding that’s usually designed to sit in the center of a room and surrounding the central light fitting. Traditionally, they were used to conceal a ceiling’s ventilation grills, but today, ceiling roses simply add to the décor of a room. Ceiling rooms are usually installed in rooms with high ceilings and within homes that adopt a decadent interior design style, such as Victorian, Edwardian, Federation and Art-Deco themed homes.

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If you’re considering adding ceiling roses to your Perth home or office building, contact us at A1 Ceilings & Walls today. We’ll be able to recommend a ceiling rose that best fits with the interior décor theme and compliments the room and ceiling structure.

Ceiling Rose Designs

Ceiling roses come in a huge range of designs, such as Art-Deco, traditional and modern. Ceiling roses can also be extremely simple or very ornate. They can be used on their own as a sole decorative element or they can be paired with other ornamental trimmings such as architraves and cornices, to give a decadent feel.

When making building additions to heritage homes, it’s important to consider the build date of the home and what was in style during that era. This is important to note as adding modern touches to a heritage listed building can often devalue the property. Before installing a ceiling rose in your Perth home or office, speak to one of our ceiling experts to get a professional opinion on what ceiling rose would best compliment the structure.

Choosing and installing a ceiling rose

If you are doing a renovation or restoration of your house, the addition of ceiling roses can add a stylish touch to your makeover. We can install any ceiling rose onto any ceiling. Whether you’ve come to us with a ceiling rose already purchased or have a particular rose in mind, or need our help choosing a design to best suit your home, we can help!

Having been in the industry for over 15 years, we’ve built up a network of reputable and trusted suppliers that we frequently work with. We’d be happy to recommend or liaise with a plasterer for you to ensure you’re receiving the best quality ceiling roses in Perth.

Once you’ve chosen the ceiling rose that best suits your property, we can then install it for you. Our ceiling contractors can fit ceiling roses into both new and existing ceilings, as well as repair ceiling roses that have endured damage or blemishes.

We offer painting and electrical services too!

At A1 Ceilings & Walls, we’re a compete one-stop-shop, meaning that in addition to our ceiling services, we also offer associated services. These associated services include painting and electrical, so you can have the job completed at once without having to employ and coordinate several different parties.

Ceiling roses look especially effective when paired with a decorative light fitting, like a chandelier or hanging pendant, which we can also install for you. Our ceiling roses can be painted to your liking as well, whether that’s the same colour as your ceiling or painted in different colours to highlight the design (using reds and greens to emphasise a floral pattern).