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(08) 9248 8145

Don't let a damaged ceiling cornice detract from your decor. Call A1 Ceilings & Walls to repair it!

  • Offering premium ceiling cornice repairs in Perth, we always strive to have your cornices looking as good as new before leaving your property.
  • Partially attached or damaged cornices are not just an aesthetic issue, but a safety issue too.
  • A cracked cornice could be an indicator of a bigger underlying issue. 
  • When repairing ceiling cornices, we will always assess the area first to determine the cause and whether it poses any immediate safety risks. 

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Ceiling Cornices Perth

At A1 Ceilings & Walls, we offer cornice repairs for residential and commercial customers right across Perth. A ceiling cornice is a type of moulding, which runs along the top of an interior wall and sits in the joint between the wall and the ceiling. Cornices are typically used in rooms with high ceilings that are difficult to light where corners often get lost in the dark, making the room appear smaller than it is. Cornices are used to brighten a room, as they reflect light into the dark areas. They also help the room seem larger by drawing the eye upwards.

Choose the Right Ceiling Cornice for Your Perth Home

Aside from aiding with lighting, ceiling cornices are popular in Perth for their aesthetic appeal and are commonly used to conceal the join between the wall and the ceiling. There are several different styles of cornices, ranging from simple and functional to decorative and decadent. The effortless upgrade of installing or repairing ceiling cornices can transform your home and boost overall value. When the right cornice is chosen for the right room, a simple cornice can make a big statement. The experts at A1 Ceilings & Walls can assist you in selecting the perfect cornices for your Perth home or office that harmonises the required functionality with your personal aesthetic.

Ceiling Cornice Repairs

Often when a ceiling gets damaged, so does the adjoining cornice. A compromised ceiling could mean a cracked or partially attached cornice, presenting both safety and aesthetic issues. Requesting an A1 Ceilings & Walls expert for cornice repairs in Perth means you’ll have the beauty of your Perth home or office being restored to perfection.

If your ceiling cornices have cracked, warped or started coming away from the wall and you’ve not recently had any ceiling problems, this can be a sign of a bigger underlying problem. By engaging with us for all your cornice repairs, we will also assess the ceiling of your home or office to determine the reason why your cornice is damaged, giving you the option to fix the cause so no further ceiling or cornice repairs are required.

Ceiling Cornice Installation Perth

For quality ceiling cornice installation, trust the experienced team at A1 Ceilings and Walls. Quality ceiling cornice installation can make all the difference to a home, not only aesthetically but functionally too. Ceiling cornices seal the joints between the walls and the ceiling of your home, preventing moisture and termites from entering your home through exposed cracks between the wall and ceiling.

Despite many new homes going for a simpler ceiling cornice design that is white and minimal, it is not the only option for your Perth home or office.

Ceiling cornices can be modern, traditional, heritage-inspired and anywhere in between. A1 Ceilings and Walls can assist you with a complete a ceiling cornice installation that not only looks great but protects the structure of your home for many years to come.

Contact A1 Ceilings & Walls for Ceiling Cornice Installation

For more information or a quote on our quality ceiling cornice installation and repairs, contact the team at A1 Ceilings And Walls by calling (08) 9248 8145 today.